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Mock exam conditions and assess your readiness with our mock tests. Gain confidence, improve performance, and excel on test day with our realistic practice assessments.

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Experience excellence with our top-tier SAT coaching. Achieve your best score with expert guidance, comprehensive study plans, and proven strategies. Your SAT success starts here.

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Get the edge with our dedicated instructor support. Expert guidance, personalized coaching, and mentorship to help you excel. Your success, our commitment.

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Your Path to SAT Success

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Exam Preparation

Unlock your potential with our SAT exam preparation. Our expert instructors, comprehensive curriculum, and proven strategies will empower you to achieve your best SAT scores.

Overseas Education

Dreaming of studying abroad? Let us be your guide. Our SAT preparation opens the door to international education, ensuring you are well-equipped for success at renowned universities worldwide.


Secure your academic future and immigration aspirations with our SAT excellence. A high SAT score is your ticket to academic and professional opportunities abroad. Join us to make your dreams of studying and thriving overseas a reality.

Our Primary Responsibilities

Profile evaluation

Our counselors evaluate your academic records, extracurricular involvements, and work experience to pinpoint your areas of expertise. Following this assessment, we assist you in creating a compelling application for international universities.

Choosing programs and universities

With a deep understanding of your specific goals, qualifications, academic interests, and cultural inclinations, our experienced specialists are here to provide invaluable guidance in the selection of the most suitable country, university, and academic program tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Building an application

Throughout the application journey, our counselors offer unwavering support, assisting you at every stage. Whether it's narrowing down your university and program choices, creating application materials, staying informed about deadlines, or seeking scholarships.

Help with your essay

Our team comprises seasoned content experts who collaborate with you to generate ideas, provide structure and style recommendations, review numerous drafts, and guarantee that each essay reflects your individual voice and a distinctive storytelling approach.

Preparing for interviews

Our interview experts perform simulated interviews, recording them, and using the most current and frequently posed questions. Alongside immediate feedback and written guidance for enhancement, we equip you for both virtual and face-to-face interviews.

Post-submission strategies

Our assistance doesn't end once you've submitted your application; it extends to helping you make informed decisions, whether it's choosing a university among multiple offers or managing deferrals and waitlists, ensuring you make the best choices.


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CUETSAT provided excellent SAT prep materials, helping me boost my scores significantly. The instructors were knowledgeable and supportive, making the learning experience enjoyable.
Rahul Kumar
CUETSAT 's study resources were comprehensive and easy to understand. Their practice tests were invaluable in building my confidence for the SAT.
I can't thank CUETSAT enough for their exceptional SAT prep program. The personalized attention and top-notch strategies made a substantial difference in my scores.
It is flexible schedule and experienced tutors made SAT preparation stress-free. Their dedication to helping students succeed is truly commendable.
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