Exam Syllabus

Exam Syllabus SAT

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Exam Syllabus SAT

The exam syllabus for the Scholastic Assessment Test is organized into two basic categories:

  • Evidence Based Reading & Writing and
  • Mathematics 

There is an essay portion on the SAT that is fully optional for candidates. However, some universities require students to write an essay as well.

The Scholastic Assessment Test test has a time limit of 3 hours and 50 minutes, plus additional time for essays. The overall score is 1600 points.

SAT Reading Section

  • Reading Comprehension – 25 mins
  • Sentence Completions – 25 mins
  • Paragraph – Length Critical Reading – 20 mins

SAT Writing Section

  • Essay Section – 25 mins
  • Multiple Choice Sections-25 mins and 10 mins

SAT Maths Section

  • Algebra and Functions – 25 mins
  • Geometry Statistics – 20 mins
  • Probability and Data Analysis – 20 mins

The SAT Maths syllabus includes areas such as algebra, problem solving, data analysis, and advanced maths.The SAT Maths syllabus includes areas such as algebra, problem solving, data analysis, and advanced maths.

  • Algebra
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis
  • Passport to Advanced Maths
  • Additional Topics
  • Cross Test

Algebra: This Maths Algebra section contains 19 questions.

Problem Solving and Data Analysis: There are 17 problems in this math section about problem solving and data analysis.

Advanced Math Passport: This part contains 16 questions, which are as follows:

  • Identifying and creating algebraic expression
  • Analyzing and solving quadratic and nonlinear equations
  • Using graphical exponential, quadratic and other nonlinear equations.

Additional Topics: This part has 6 questions covering topics such as triangles, circles, polygons, and more.

  • Solving problems of area and volume of figures.
  • Theorems related problems from
  • Sums from right triangles, the unit circle, and trigonometric functions.

Cross-Test Scores Questions: It is a section without calculators.It includes:

  • 8 questions for analysis in Science
  • 8 questions for analysis in History/Social Studies

The math test is divided into two sections: with calculator and without calculator.

The calculator math test has 38 questions and a time limit of 55 minutes. The math test without a calculator consists of 20 problems to be answered in 25 minutes.

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